A passion for the Pura Raza Espanola – Pure Spanish Breed

The Las Cadenas Stud was established in 1988 by Lorenzo Ortiz, a lifelong horse enthusiast who has been involved in the equestrian world for over 40 years. Supported by years of experience and a true passion for the purebred Spanish horse, Lorenzo decided to open his own breeding centre, focusing on the breeding of Andalusian horses that boast the best conformation and character that this breed can offer and bearing the Las Cadenas brand.

Originally, bay and grey andalusians were bred by the stud, while the focus turned to black horses. Throughout the years, Las Cadenas has achieved a reputation of excellence in the breeding of the Pura Raza Espanola. In recent years, we have specialised in the breeding of breathtaking horses with dilute coat colours, namely buckskin, palomino and perlino.

Our breeding success is based on the selection of the best stallion and mares and a controlled breeding programme designed to produce the best offspring possible. This process is supported by a thorough veterinary care, including regular ultrasound procedures throughout the gestation period, which continues after the foal’s birth.

Today, we can proudly say that Yeguada Las Cadenas is a world leader in the breeding and training of the Pura Raza Española. Our horses are renowned for their quality conformation and characteristics that this breed has to offer.

A Promise of Quality

Our stallions and mares are carefully selected for their superior quality – conformation, movement and character are always given priority and we select the very best horses that the breed has to offer.

Our breeding strategy has been carefully developed to ensure that foals of excellent quality are born, year after year. Our horses are well suited to a wide variety of disciplines but have a particularly suitability for dressage.

The stud farm is managed by a team of seasoned professionals, whose dedication, experience and skill are unequalled. Our foals are given time to grow, develop and mature in their own time in the ample fields and paddocks that surround the stud farm and the riding school. They are carefully handled from a young age, ensuring that they grow into trusting, confident and easy to handle colts and fillies.

At the age of 3, the colts are brought in from the fields and entrusted to the experienced team of riders that work within the riding school. Here, at home, their training begins , preparing them as future riding horses; our philosophy is to adopt our training and handling according to the particular character and needs of each horse, but we always ensure to take great care in the delicate process of breaking-in and establishing the basic training for each and every one.

An international Network

Our top quality Andalusian horses have found homes all over the world, yet many have also remained on their home turf, Spain. Scores of our horses have been bought by enthusiasts from many different countries including the United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Colombia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Australia